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This group was founded in Santiago by Isabel Green in the Spring of 2016, to pick up on the continued Meisner work of former students Antonio Caro, Daniela Jofre and others who had been meeting regularly in a small group to practice Meinser repetition and improvisation.  Isabel realised that in excess of 35 Chilean students had passed through the Working with Actors workshop of Stephen Bayly.  This means that there is a critical mass of actors and directors in Santiago with the potential to continue Meisner practice, and to work together in film and theatre.


There is a great sense of common purpose in the group, and the sessions are fun and spirited.


Thanks to Nicolas Acuña, director of the Film and Televison programme at the University of Chile (and former student) for making space available twice-monthly for the group to practice.


Actors who have had previous Meisner training are welcome to join.  Please contact Isa Green at


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