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"My sincere gratitude and that of my colleagues and the students for the wonderful Meisner workshop that you brought to them. The feedback was first rate." Marilyn LeComte, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Tutor  June 2009


"Without exaggerating your classes changed my life. You broke down the gap between us directors and the actors and this was a true revelation. You created a really intimate environment for us to work in which I was able to replicate on my film set later. You gave me an amazing tool, which has made working with actors so much easier and truly enjoyable. Thank you for reminding us to have fun (even if the production sucks)…and I still carry that with me today…merci x" Gabriel Gauchet – director, EICTV Feb 2009


"Stephen, thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm as a teacher. Your vision of the work with actors, through Meisner technique has meant a radical change in my approach as a performer and artist. To listen, truly listen on the stage, on the set, in the street, at home, listen to friends. Listen to learn and open the senses to perceive.” Daniela Jofré – actress, Chile May 2010

“Stephen, those evenings had a big impact on all of us. It's great to be still learning, and opening up new frontiers. You did that for us. Thank you” Ian Emes – Television drama director, London Feb 2010


“Thank you for an amazing course and for your patience! I really got so much out of it on so many levels. Amazing week, courageous people, lovely new friendships! Please let me know when you decide to run further courses.” Lou Hamilton – director, London Feb 2010


"You truly have a gift of teaching and creating a fantastic environment to learn in. I can SAFELY say I've never learnt more in a 4 hour class, and that this first week has taught me more than my two years at University!" Sonia Brammer – actor, Cardiff July 2010

"Taking part in this workshop was truly amazing. It taught me ways of connecting with other actors that I had never felt before. You really showed the importance of these connections and how it can improve a performance and make it real. I can honestly say that I have really benefited from this experience and would love to attend the next stage after this incredible introduction. You have no idea what a huge impression this first week has made on me. I will carry this experience with me for a very, very long time."

Felicity Johns – actor, Cardiff JULY 2010

"Thank you so much for organizing this course. It went beyond my expectations and more! Stephen Bayly was not only a joy to work with, his practical approach made the course outstanding! He even restored my love for acting again. Understanding organically the technique as an actor increased the understanding as director of the actor’s work and how to guide their performances."

Maria Morancho – director & actor,  Cardiff Aug 2010


"This one-week workshop felt like a life-time education. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us."

Halleh Hanji – director, Cardiff JULY 2010

"Thank you for a fantastically interesting insight to Meisner. I feel I have learnt a great deal, even though so much of it feels intuitive to the cutting process. You have shown that the underlying structures are similar for actors, directors and all involved with discovering the real emotions contained within a text." John Richards – editor, March 2011

“I applied for the course at EICTV because I wanted to take a film class in Cuba with Cubans. I felt lost in the class at first but the things I learnt and the people I met in this class were amazing. I got something crucial out of it not just for cinema and art but for my life.”   JUNSUNG KIM – video artist,  South Korea, May 2010 EICTV


"Stephen and Meisner marked a complete change in my life. It was like finding a path towards feeling deeper, more truthfully, learning to listen, to learn how to lose yourself in your partner and be generous.

I have taken part in 4 workshops already and I can’t get enough. Thank you Stephen for sharing your knowledge and experience."

Idalmis García Rodríguez, Actriz, Cuba. EICTV 2011 


"In spite of the three short weeks of work, I felt I opened my perception and felt a great impact in my personal work as an actress.

I learnt to come into the scene less guarded, to let the scene affect me and react spontaneously to what happens.

My way of working changed by this experience and I hope to be able to continue this training soon."

Livia Gaudencio –  actiriz, Sao Paolo, Brasil – EICTV 2010 


"This workshop provided me with tools for my work, far beyond what I had imagined. As a director to understand the universe actors must construct to obtain what I aspire to communicate. This became an essential tool, specially when it comes to working with non-professional actors. However the greatest surprize was how it opened my eyes as a producer, to put myself in the other person’s shoes, made me realize the time an actor needs to develop his/her character. Today that translates into fairer schedules for the actor’s preparation and for the work on a scene during a shoot  in aid of their credibility on screen."

Martiza Blanco – director & producer, Colombia  - EICTV 2011

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