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Want to enhance performances in your production, but don’t have the luxury of time for extensive Meisner training?


Directing Arts offers coaching in its methods, on the following bases:


• One-to-one coaching for actors in preparation for auditions, including scene analysis, and effective methods for auditioning.


• One-to-one coaching for actors in production.


• Tailor-made workshops for theatre groups wanting to work with Meisner’s methods in rehearsal, to create a heightened ensemble dynamic.


• Full Meisner consultancy on feature films for both directors and actors (including script and scene analysis, rehearsal strategies, off-filmset coaching).


In addition to being well-versed in ‘Meisner’ strategies for performance,

both Stephen Bayly (Richard III) and Maria Gowland (Central Station) have years of practical film experience, and understand the pressures and time-constraints of production.  Idalmis Garcia has worked as acting coach – among other productions -- for the recent films of director Ernesto Daranas, with many of Cuba’s leading actors.


Coaching can be delivered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



Please contact us for you coaching needs at


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