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Introduction to Meisner for the Curious and Ignorant


This workshop is for ACTORS and DIRECTORS of considerable skill and experience who wish to add a string to their bow.


Perhaps you feel stale, or have reached the limitations of your technique.  Or perhaps you are someone always open to learning new approaches. Perhaps you have been told that your performance seemed ‘indicated’, and are looking for a more natural, organic approach. Or maybe you are just curious about the ‘Meisner’ phenomenon which seems to be sweeping drama schools around the world.


This workshop provides a safe environment where one can quickly grasp the principles of Sanford Meisner’s methods for achieving a truthful performance.


Up to 6 professional actors will work with one teacher and two trained Meisner actors on the fundamental principles of listening, putting one’s attention on the other actor, and living truthfully in the moment.  It will include an introduction to Meisner repetition and improvisation, and the Meisner form of substitution using imaginary circumstances.


Age is no barrier.  Among Stephen’s older alumni were venerable Colombian actor Francisco (Pacho) Martinez, at 81, and the Cuban ‘Knight’ of the stage, Carlos Perez Peña, at 77, both with wonderful results.


The one-week evening course will either satisfy your curiosity, or whet your appetite for more serious study.  It should give you a few fresh ideas.


Maximum 6, Minimum 4.


Duration: 20-25 hours



The New Tricks for Old Dogs workshop is ‘bespoke’.  Please register your interest at​



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