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“The script is an empty vessel to be filled with the actors’ emotions.”  Sanford Meisner


A workshop for WRITERS in which they will present, for development, draft or sample scenes from a larger work.


The approach will be based on the ideas of Sanford Meisner, and their further development by David Mamet’s Atlantic Theatre Company.


The scenes will be work-shopped by a teacher/director using trained Meisner actors to improvise NOT the text, but the characters’ SUBTEXT.  Emphasis will be put on the characters’ objectives within the scene, and how they translate into action. The scenes will then be rewritten, and work-shopped for a second, and possibly a third time – and recorded.


(The course can also include, at further expense, a Meisner-style reading of a full length feature script for an invited audience).


Duration:  60 hours over 2 or 3 weeks, including group sessions and individual tuition.  Ideal 4-6 Writers.  Maximum 8.


Key reference text: Bruder, Melissa et al, A Practical Handbook for the Actor, Random House, 1986



No Meisner-Mamet for Writers is currently scheduled.  Enquire if interested.



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