Advanced Workshop For Actors and Directors


A two-week workshop which consists, for ACTORS, of deepening the Meisner skills of repeating and improvising, exploring emotional reserves, and further developing the ability to work off other actors in the scene and live truthfully in the moment.  These enhanced skills will then be applied to working up a scene with the Directors.


DIRECTORS will do practical work on scene analysis, using methods proposed by David Mamet’s Atlantic Theatre Company. These methods will then be applied to the analysis, casting, and character development of scenes proposed by the directors.


Actors and Directors will work together to build the scenes, which will be filmed, edited, and analysed.


The workshop will be open to up to 4 directors and up to 12 actors.  The directors will each propose a scene to develop during the workshop, and the final selection of actors will be based on the requirements of those scenes.


The scenes will be filmed, edited, and analysed.


Requirements:  All applicants must have had previous training in Meisner technique.


Key reference text: Bruder, Melissa et al, A Practical Handbook for the Actor, Random House, 1986



3-14 October, 2016.  A 2-week immersive residential workshop at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, Cuba. In Spanish and English.  Enquire via EICTV website. Or CLICK HERE