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Character Monologues


A workshop for ACTORS using character monologues to develop a unique character organically.


Starting with the concepts of ‘connection’ and ‘intention’, the character will develop from the inner emotional truth of the actor, working outwardly to the ultimate application of ‘external characteristics’.  It is a further development of the work done in the Working with Actors workshop, using the Spoon River poems of Edgar Lee Masters, and the monologues of Alan Bennett and others.


Development will include improvisation using Meisner repetition.


The final results will be recorded.


The workshop is open to actors who have taken the Working with Actors workshop, or other Meisner training through which they have become skilled in repetition.


Duration: 2 weeks, 40-50 hours, depending number of students.  8-12 students.



No Working up a Character workshops are currently scheduled.  Please register your interest at



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