Introduction to Meisner for Actors and Directors

This intensive workshop is designed to give DIRECTORS a hands-on experience of ‘working with’ actors collaboratively, providing concrete tools for future directing work. The techniques are simply designed to achieve truthful performances. No distinction is made between stage and screen acting.

Participating ACTORS will learn the basic principles of Meisner’s technique, how to devise an emotionally truthful performance, how to act ‘in the moment’, and how to prepare a scene. It is an intensive introduction to methods which will radically change an actor’s approach to auditions, rehearsals, and performance.

The course covers listening, reading nuances in performance, personalising the text using the actor’s imagination, building a character organically, and developing scenes outwardly from core relationships, based on the characters’ objectives.

The teaching method is ‘Learning by Doing’ -- directors will be required to engage as actors, alongside actors, in the workshops.


The course will cover:


  • Listening, and repeating to forge a connection.

  • Improvising to explore the actor´s emotional reserve.

  • The use of imaginary circumstances.

  • Substitution and making the text personal to the actor.

  • Building a character organically.

  • Putting into context acting techniques from Stanislavski to Meisner.

  • Learning the basic vocabulary to communicate in an audition, rehearsal and performance.

  • Evaluating film performances.

Course Duration: 90-120 hours of workshop experience, depending number of students and local requirements.




9-27 Jan 2017.  A closed 3-week intensive workshop at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, Cuba, for the graduating Directing students.  Some Cuban actors to be invited.  Contact Fiction Department, EICTV to apply.



6-24 Feb 2017.  A 3-week immersive residential workshop at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión, Cuba. In Spanish and English.  Enquire via EICTV website, Talleres Internacional. Or CLICK HERE


9 May -16 June 2017  A closed 3-week intensive workshop at the University of Chile for directors only.