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This is a practical intermediate level workshop for anyone wanting to focus on the scene development part of the Working w/ Actors: Introduction to Meisner course, or graduates of other Meisner programmes interested in putting some of these techniques to practical use.


It is of equal benefit to ACTORS, DIRECTORS, and WRITERS, who will work in teams.  The workshop will develop a short scene of the director’s or writer’s choice (original, or from an existing work).  An example having been provided by the course leader, the directors will direct the actors in actual scenes, which will be recorded on the final day.


The workshop will cover all aspects of scene development, starting with a neutral reading, character objectives, ‘as ifs’, tools, pre-circumstances, beats, improvisation, and particularisation.


Duration: 24 hours: usually 4 evenings and one Saturday, with some out-of-class preparation.


Ideally for 10-12 students – a mixture of actors and directors-writers.  Minimum 8 people.



No Working up a scene workshops are currently scheduled.  Enquire if interested.


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